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Company History

Lanard Toys

Where Innovation Begins.

Every year LANARD continues to innovate new products bringing fun and enjoyment to kids of all kinds... even the big kids! Alongside the evolution of our products, it has introduced new versions of its own CORPS!® range of action figures and story line, brought uniqueness to its Outdoor art-based Chalkie™ line of products, as well as further expanded our customer base to a wider global market. LANARD has transformed the way it designs and innovates through organized workflow and a creative strategy which further reduces our development time.

We truly desire to consistently bring our fans and customers great, lasting products each and every year. Let us reflect on some of our accomplishments and company milestones that have made an impression on us throughout the years.


Lanard is launched with a small line of pre-school TODDLE™ toys. We also establish product line directions important for our future with the introduction of our first toy tools such as BIG SOUNDER™ POWER PAL SAW, SUPERSHOTS® vehicles, and PROP SHOTS® flying toys. At the end of our first five years we have a hit with our JELLY BEAN® dolls.

50+ TOYS

These are years of dramatic growth as our product offering reaches 50 toys. Lanard makes a splash with its HAIR BEARS™ dolls and introduces the first of its MEAN MACHINE® monster trucks and THUNDERBOATS™. The company also develops its very first line of Gung-Ho action figures.

125+ TOYS

Our product offerings now grow to exceed 125 toys. THE CORPS!®, Lanard's fantastically popular line of fully articulated action figures, make their first appearance and the company makes an early entrance into the watergun market with the pressurized KAHUNA® WATERBLASTER®. The MAGIC MATH MACHINE® becomes a fixture in the Lanard line-up.

250+ TOYS

Lanard's product offering more more than doubles to exceed 250 toys! GOOD 'N GREEN® garden and nature toys are introduced and we consolidated our growing line of toy tools under the WORKMAN™ brand. The FROSTY BITES® collection of food toys begins to take shape as we add new Sno-cone makers to our line. The STAR FORCE™ appear in the galaxy and our first FLIPLASH® is a smash hit!

500+ TOYS

Now a branding and packaging power-house within the toy industry offering complete lines of toys. THE Ultra CORPS!®, our lavishly detailed 12 Inch figures, and TOTAL SOLDIER®, a line of high-value 3 and ¾ inch figures, now supplement our premium action figure offering. TOTAL X-STREAM® pump-action and air-pressure waterguns become an industry staple. We move aggressively into the girls toy market with the introduction of, I-GIRL®, DAISY™, and FAIRYKINS®; and with TRIPLE CROWN BEAUTIES®, a line of collectable horses, rivaling all the major competitors. Kids everywhere join the BUBBLE CLUB® and we enter yet another segment of the market with TOTAL X-STREAM AIR®, a line of edgy high-tech foam guns and flying toys.

650+ TOYS

Major new Incentives. In 2007 Lanard updates their design team in California. The years that follow see the introduction of Lanard Toys' newly branded look along-side multiple hit products. This new Brand development leads to the introduction of new category offerings such as CHALKIE™, the hit product the Chalk Pencil, The Adventure series dart blasters HUNTSMAN™, and high tech engineered flying toys such as the Ultimate Boomerang.

950+ TOYS

The Corps!® First military female figures introduced. The Corps!® brand introduced its first-ever female action figures, Snake Bite and Puma. In addition, a brand new battleship, christened the "Battle Cruiser", and a massive gunship, named the "Beast Bomber", were released with success and are among the largest Corps!® vehicles to date.


With the blessing of WB (Warner Brothers® and Legendary Pictures®) Lanard is requisitioned to create design entirely new licenced toy lines for a handful of major motion pictures. With creative product positioning, sales, design, and inventive engineering, Lanard Toys successfully launched and maintained an impressive powerhouse of large, action-themed Kong Skull Island® and RAMPAGE® action figure lines driven by successful motion picture releases.


Lanard lands some exciting licensed toy lines following (Disney's® acquisition of Fox®) properties. Lanard launches a multi-wave campaign of highly sucessful action figures to our growing catalog from the long and succsessful ALIEN® and PREDATOR® franchise. All new 4.75", 7", and 12" action figures and playsets driven by multi-decade sucessful movie properties. Specifically made with ultimate playability in mind and for toy lovers and collector nostalgia alike!


With the future looking bright - Lanard will continue to creatively design and deliver successful, impressive products that offer not only great and impacting visual appeal, engaging play-factor, but with great value for all to enjoy for years to come! Many great things are in the works as we press on to bring you the best of what we offer!